TEHRAN - The Taliban are seeking peace with the Afghan government and Iran is helping the process to promote stability and peace in the country, Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council said Monday.

“Iran is peace-seeking and has no domineering intentions,” Ali Shamkhani told IRNA on the sidelines of the International Conference on Defence and Security in West Asia held at the Supreme National Defence University in northern Tehran. Referring to the Iran-Turkey-Russia coalition on Syria, he said, “We follow the Astana Peace Process. After suppressing terrorism, a joint effort is underway to finalise the constitution and transferring power to people.”

He said representatives of several countries in attendance at the conference showed that Iran was not isolated. “This is a good example to show that the United States sanctions are ineffective to isolate Iran,” he stressed.

Shamkhani said the US had sent a message asking to negotiate, however added that Iran would not negotiate. He said Iran had no forces to pull out from the region. “Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen are defending themselves and we have no forces in the region,” he said.