ISLAMABAD-Thousands of commuters including office-goers, students and patients daily suffer mental torture at Islamabad Expressway due to frequent traffic mess and road-blockages caused by even a minor accident or breaking down of heavy vehicle. The capital administration is also not paying heed towards construction of the already announced expansion of Expressway from Gulberg to Rawat T-Chowk despite repeated appeals of commuters plying on the artery on daily basis.

On Monday morning, Traffic remained blocked at Khana-Bridge to Faizabad section of Islamabad Expressway for at least five to six hours due to overturning of a truck, heading towards IJP road, near the Faizabad Interchange.  Intercity public transport, trucks and long vehicles, plying between Lahore and Peshawar, also had to spend almost half-a-day in the clogged traffic as it was the only route available for them. According to Islamabad Traffic sources, “A truck had overturned at Faizabad and the department had no machinery to remove the broken down vehicle. So it has become a time consuming drill and causes traffic jam at the Expressway.” They claimed that additional deployment of traffic personnel was made soon after police became aware of the incident. Responding to a question the sources said there was special deployment of ITP personnel on Rawat-Gulberg section of the artery due to its dilapidated condition and narrow passage consisting of two lanes at both sides.

Unruly traffic on this section is a routine matter as the quarters concerned could not complete the signal-free 10-lane corridor from Zero Point to Rawat.

The route claimed to be a signal free facility by 2017, seems to remain a quagmire for daily commuters even in 2018 as the project is still limited to the files and currently, no practical work is in sight at the remaining part of the project from Gulberg to Rawat. Due to this, the daily motorists shuttling on the section have to negotiate through a maze of unexpected road surface or have to bump directly into the uneven ditches. The situation gets worse as the heavy vehicles occupying the narrow two lanes on each side keep on moving at snail’s pace; that too on fast lane setting aside traffic rules.