Islamabad - PML-N Spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan chauffeured UAE Crown Prince's ride to please his benefactor because Imran has secret businesses in UAE and Aleema Khan is their benami custodian.

Talking to media outside Islamabad High Court, Marriyum pointed out PTI's second U-turn on making PM House a university and inquired as to why did the prime minister take a royal diplomatic dignitary to a university for a feast.

If PM Imran was so keen on taking the Crown Prince to lunch in a university, Quaid-e-Azam University is a much better university in the city, she said.

"The government has failed to tell the people about how much alms they got from chauffeuring and other pranks, nor could they clarify to the people, the difference between a dignified loan and alms. The government has no economic projects that can generate money for the country or the lender, which is why they are taking this money and piling it onto the people of Pakistan as pure debt with no payback mechanism,” she told.

The former minister for information said that Imran Khan was at best a conjurer with no principle stance performing to different audiences. "When animal conservation suits his interests he becomes a wildlife savior when he wants to please someone he opens hunting season on endangered species, when he wants to fool the people he announces PM House as a university and at his convenience uses it as the PM House," she pointed out. Marriyum said that the entire notification fiasco of Farrukh Saleem was a distraction, the real questions raised by the government economy spokesman had still not been answered by the prime minister, which were the real issue.

The reason for no answers is that the government has no answers to the challenges faced by the country due to PTI's incompetence, she added.

She said that the comments passed by the Supreme Court regarding Buzdar's Punjab government are a testament of the fact that this government has no capacity or capability to run the country.

Answering a question regarding Nawaz Sharif, she said that Nawaz had bravely fought his cases and had proven that there was no corruption proven against him, and by the grace of God, he would be vindicated from the remaining false accusations as well.