ISLAMABAD-Residents of twin cities are soon going to have a unique facility of technology backed delivery system where all commodities and daily need items will be merged in their smart phones, Monday. 

According to details ‘Timesaco’ a technology company operating in China is soon going to launch its operation in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, introducing a new delivery system. All services of delivery applications will be merged in a single item and the company will be providing all services on the doorsteps of the citizens. Along with providing all services in a single application, the technology will also open doors of employment for the residents especially for youth.

The idea of launching such operations was conceived keeping in view the busy urban life of the residents of the twin cities where they feel hurdles in accessing different destinations in time.

Along with providing the commuting services Timesaco will bring daily use items including food for the at home.

The technology based service system will be providing all of its services in minimum time duration for the facility of residents. Talking to The Nation, CEO of Timesaco Donald spoke that Pakistan has huge potential and many opportunities for investors.

Timesaco is a big addition in current e-commerce sector of Pakistan.  Timesaco provides facilitation in all fields of life and huge number of young graduates, housewives, jobless experienced persons and youth will get job / businesses opportunities through the platform of Timesaco.  He shared that, one captain can register multiple vehicles, including loader, car, bike and rickshaw which can be used for increasing income and people can join Timesaco as a full time and part time partner.

On a question, he spoke that Initially Timesaco is going to launch its operation in the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi and after few months Timesaco will start its operation across the country. 

He further spoke that, Timesaco is the merger of all existing e-services and e-economic platforms in Pakistan. Timesaco provides many services from one platform and will help Pakistan to create millions of Jobs / Businesses opportunities in coming years.

Timesaco will start its operation in next few weeks.  Timesaco will be also launching its operations in other areas of the country. Timesaco is an open and creative ecosystem platform to provide instant services for goods, passenger, cargo, errands, tracking and media.