ISLAMABAD - The sub-committee of PAC set up to probe alleged wrongdoings in Grand Hayat Hotel, New Islamabad Airport and Royal Palm Golf Club will submit its report to PAC Secretariat by this month.

The PAC scheduled to meet February 1 would examine the report of sub-committee headed by senior PAC member Fakhar Imam. The PAC headed by Shehbaz Sharif around a week before to examine ‘Grand Hayat Hotel’, ‘New Islamabad Airport’ and ‘Royal Palm Golf club’ and reached a consensus to form a sub-committee to thoroughly debate the matter and submit report to main committee.

The sub-committee has started probing the matter on the alleged misappropriation in these mega projects to compile a report within a month to review in main PAC meeting.

The main committee will review the report under the chairmanship of Shehbaz Sharif to take further action on it. All these three matters including Grand Hayat Hotel, New Islamabad Airport and Royal Palm Golf club are from the previous era (PML-N). The previous PAC committee had also held inconclusive parleys on Grand Hayat Hotel and Royal Palm Golf club.  The PAC had recently formed eight sub-committees to evaluate audit reports of the projects started by the previous governments’.

Notifications of all the PAC sub-committees have been issued. The PAC sub-committees headed by members from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) will examine such projects. The sub-committee will review the audit reports of 2016-17 and the audit objections of 2017-18. Headed by Naveed Qamar, the second sub-committee review audits of 2017-16 while the third sub-committee, headed by Fakhar Imam, review audit reports of 2014-15.

The fourth sub-committee headed by Shahida Akhtar is examining audit reports of 2013-14. Headed by Ayaz Sadiq, the fifth sub-committee will review audit objections of 2011-12. The sixth sub-committee which is headed by Rana Tanveer will review the objections sent by central committee. The seventh sub-committee to be headed by Sherry Rehman will review audit reports of 2015-16.