HAFIZABAD-Local citizens have condemned the food regularity authority for their failure for not preventing sale of spurious edibles in the city. They said that the sale of chemical mixed milk and yogurt in particular are being sold in the city with impunity and the Food Regularity Authority has miserably failed to save the citizens from the procurement of injurious edibles. They have called upon the authorities to take mercy on the citizens and prevent the sale of edibles which are injurious for health.


A large number of electricity consumers presented their complaints of negligence and corruption by the Gepco officials to Mirza Ihsan Elahi Superintending Engineer Gepco, who held an open court here. A complainant told him that one official extracted Rs41,000 for the re-instalment of electricity meter but issued fake demand notice. Most of the complainants alleged insulting and humiliating attitude of the most of the officials. They further said that the officials also demanded bribe for replacing the naked and daggling wires in their localities. The SE assured the consumers that their genuine complaints would be redressed and corrupt officials would face the music.


Drug Controller Ihsan Elahi Cheema raided a tailor shop in Madina Market and recovered a large quantity of smuggled medicines, intoxicant and sex pills and sealed the shop. However, the owner of the shop managed his escape. The Drug Controller also raided Asim medical store on Gujranwala road and seized expiry medicines and hundreds of intoxicant injections and tablets.