ISLAMABAD              -          The Supreme Court of Pakistan Tuesday questioned the mode of exercise adopted by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) while arresting the accused persons during the time of investigation.

A three-member bench of the court led by Justice Mushir Alam conducted hearing of the bail application of one Faisal Kamran Qurashi.

During the court proceedings, Justice Mushir Alam observed that the anti-graft body first arrest the accused, put him behind the bar and then start investigation, searching out for the evidences and testimonies.

Justice Mushir Alam asked, “Why the NAB do not arrest the accused after completing the investigation,” and added that the authority should first complete the inquiry then award punishment to the accused persons.

However, Imranul Haq, NAB Prosecutor, adopted before the court that accused persons are arrested for tempering the record in the matter.

He told the court that the accused Faisal Kamran Qurashi made a fraud with the people in the name of making investment in the Stock Exchange. The NAB Prosecutor also informed the court that a reference has been filed against the accused and assured that they would try their best to complete the process on the said reference.

The counsel for the accused argued that his client had already paid the payable amount adding that his client had also pursued the said case in Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) as well.

Meanwhile, the court turned down his bail after the same was withdrawn by his counsel.