On February 18 2008, the people of Pakistan have given a clear verdict against the anti-democratic forces like PML-Q due to their policies and conspiracy for the state. After the elections the people of Pakistan were very happy and hoped that the country would be prosperous, peaceful and advanced but unfortunately the desire of the nation has not yet been fulfilled. Unfortunately, there is little difference between the PML-Q and PPP respective policies. Consider. 1.Both say that attack on red mosque was correct. 2.Both say that Musharraf should remain the president. 3.Both say that women protection bill was good step. 4.Both say the armed forces should attack the militants or Taliban. 5.Both say the USA is our supreme boss. 6.Both say the NRO(national reconciliation ordinance) or national re-corruption ordinance is in favor of the politicians and nation. It is my humble and kind request to the PPP co-chairman Mr Asif Ali Zardari not to forget the sacrifice of the nation against Musharraf and anti-democratic forces.-ZESHAN LIAQAT SHEIKH, Multan, via e-mail, June 28.