With salaries having been paid, the govt has officially confirmed the so called deposed judges as regular, bona fide and substantive Judges of the Supreme Court. Article 181 of the constitution provides that in the presence of substantive judges, additional judges can be appointed, if dictated by circumstances, to act temporarily as judges of the Supreme Court. Appointments under PCO against substantive positions are therefore illegal being contrary to article 181 of the constitution. The acceptance of substantive positions at the Supreme Court by the new appointees clearly reflects on their lack of understanding of constitutional matters by which they are expected to interpret. This renders the PCO judges disqualified for such positions. Even with increased number of vacancies to 29, the PCO judges do not qualify to hold these positions at the apex court for the simple reason that vacancies for regular appointments do not exist and contrary to article 181 of the constitution acting appointments are not made. The error of judgment or the error of intention should not and must not be condoned, and the PCO judges should therefore be removed from apex court without delay and their cases should be referred to Supreme Judicial Council to deliberate and decide on their merit, mettle and misconduct.-MOHAMMAD AKRAM BHAUR, Bahawalpur, via e-mail, June 28.