Through your newspaper I sent my message to the government officials, that NWFP the present situation is very dangerous for Pakistan, As the different incidents which accrued in last days, in which taliban killed the suspected two persons as spouses, and the other incident in which kidnapped persons were killed, these incidents show that government has failed in maintaining law and order in the NWFP. As this the wish of our enemies to show that Pakistan is unable to control the terrorist, and also US and Nato forces want to attack on these border areas, and to enter it's forces into Pakistan. I appeal to government officials to take the NWFP matter seriously. ENEMY is on our borders and waiting for chance, I appeal to them for making the peace in NWFP by negotiating and making the agreement with TALIBAN, and fulfill those peace agreements, to differentiate those terrorists who are not Taliban and working as activities as Taliban, show these people to the MEDIA as these different activists make the phenomena against the Pakistan government, and make the peace efforts fail.-ZUHA QURESHI, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 28.