The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organised violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."Samuel P. Huntington, author of The Clash of Civilisations. At the heart and nerve centre of the American War On Terror (designed, orchestrated and executed by the US) and its premeditated, profane, and monstrous foreign policy towards Pakistan is a calamity-ridden and catastrophic future global agenda: a direct military and political route through Pakistan and Afghanistan all the way to Central Asia to exploit and grab this region's estimated $550 trillion worth of natural resources " another global extension of American multi-national corporate interests to make the US rich at the cost of local populations of these countries. In the process, the Americans are determined to get permanent military bases on Pakistani and Afghani soil to back up their economic expansionist plans with direct military interventionist capabilities in the region. The so-called War On Terror is an advance camouflaged execution of "organised violence" " all under the pretext and rhetoric of democracy and globalisation. Indeed, the Americans are confident that they are capable of orchestrating the support of some of the most powerful elites in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan to accomplish every step of their planned future agenda. And who can blame the Americans? Of course, for decades now, it has been their experience that political and military favours have been up for sale (for personal gains) by certain selective leaders in Third World countries. Why should the US change its strategy and tactics now when they know that the lust for power and love of the mighty dollar have caused many people to sell their integrities, loyalties and their countries to the exclusive benefit of the Americans, at bargain prices? Forgive me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that the electronic media in Pakistan continuously avoids the nitty-gritty and the fundamental reasons for the US War On Terror in their television broadcasts and debates. Is it that the programme moderators are incapable of understanding the nucleus of this fabricated conflict? Is it that the media is under the pressure of the incumbent political establishment? Or is the media pursuing some kind of odd diplomacy to prove its professionalism and objectivity? Whatever the case, the media's silence on addressing the true causes of the so-called War on Terror is appalling and needs to be urgently attended to so that it exposes American intentions and goals openly. Indeed, the evidence on US peccant objectives is in abundance and overwhelming. Take, for example, Alan Greenspan's (former chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board) admission in his memoirs The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World that the Iraq War is largely about oil. Moreover, the Bush administration is pushing Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki's government in Iraq to pass a controversial hydrocarbons law that would hand over the de-facto control of Iraq's rich natural resources to American multi-nationals for decades to come. In addition, the US is seeking permanent military bases throughout Iraq to be able to launch strikes on their chosen targets in neighbouring nations and "hunt" so-called "terrorists" within and outside of Iraq without the Iraqi government's permission. Can't you see a similar pattern emerging in American strategy vis--vis Pakistan and US attempts to make the incumbent PPP political establishment in Islamabad complicit in its expansionist agenda? Consider another parallel in American tactics in both Pakistan and Iraq. Just as intelligence information was fabricated to link Saddam Hussain with Al-Qaeda and terrorism, similarly, the historical political activism of the local population in Swat and the FATA region is being linked to terrorism in Afghanistan. The question is, if jihad was justified against the Russian invasion, then how is it unwarranted against US/NATO occupation? Don't people have the right to fight for their independence and national sovereignty to liberate themselves from the yoke of foreign domination? After all, we are living in the 21st century. The recent theatrics staged in Peshawar as a threat of the Taliban taking over the city, the repeated attacks by the Americans inside Pakistani territory and their justifications and the growing US pressure on the Pakistani government to expand war against its own citizens are some of the points that need to be thoroughly analysed. The US's perfidious penchant for fabricated and manipulated theatrics such as being played out now in Pakistan, is well-documented in the pre-Vietnam war, pre-Cuban Missile Crisis, almost in each and every military intervention in Central and South America, in Mussadaq's Iran and as far as in Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour (of course, the Americans induced the attack and pretended that it was a surprise attack) and historically as far back as American-Mexican wars. If the Pakistani people are sensible, they do not have to sit quietly and watch their nation's future destruction. Remember, damage has already been done to its national fibre by its military and political elites who have been consistently befriending America over the past several decades. The trouble at the moment is that the PPP's leadership and political establishment in Islamabad is overly inclined and becoming zealously complicit to America's future agenda in this part of the world. Whatever the reasons, concerns and national constraints and interests the PPP leadership might claim causing such a policy orientation, it still cannot justify its policy approach to give in to US demands. Mr Prime Minister, to be absolutely frank with you: No, this so-called War on Terror is not Pakistan's own war, as you have suggested recently; it is an American war in which the Musharraf regime over the last eight years has inflicted grave, unforgivable and untold atrocities against its own citizens... How do you expect victims of the abuse of power to react when suddenly and instantly their homes are demolished, their children massacred by precision bombs, their women and elderly killed and their culture and faith trampled upon? Do you expect them to thank the United States and show gratitude to those who victimise them? That is not how human nature works. Organised violence against foreign nations is an American ideology " Pakistan must confront it... The lust for power may be human, but we cannot afford to sell ourselves to America anymore... Corporate profits cannot come before people... It is an American creed " not ours... These theatrical charades must stop now They benefit the US, not Pakistan... Mr Prime Minister, it was Voltaire who once said, "Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." Pakistan must adopt a humanitarian national and international ideology and persuade the US to discard its policy of "organised violence" against our nation. The writer is a professor and a political analyst E-mail: