Why should we impeach President Musharraf? Is that a solution to all our problems? In my opinion, the impeachment of General Musharraf and restoration of Justice Iftikhar, etc are frivolous things for a common man. We need to take concrete steps for restoration of economy, availability of essential goods at affordable prices, law and order situation and electricity to lighten the streets and houses. Zardari and Gillani should work in that direction. Moreover, why should President be impeached? He gave the nation a fair election. He gave the country democracy after almost 4-5 decades. He has blocked the way of future army take-overs also. I agree, he has failed on many counts. But then is he the one wholly responsible for this mess? Why don't we ask the Chaudaries of Gujrat? They are known plunderers. Why cant we bring back that pseudo American PM, Shaukat Aziz and ask him to give us a lecture on what went wrong with the economy? Why can't we hold Wasi Zafar accountable for his abusive language on TV? Why can't we bring to book Lt. Gen (r) Asharaf Qazi or Ejazul Haque or for that matter Sh Rashid or Dr Sher Afgan and many others. Why should Gen, Musharraf solely pay for all of them. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, June 24.