KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) on Tuesday resumed multiple spells of power outages in the city on the pretext of gas shortage for its electricity generating plants. Almost all areas in the metropolis faced 3 to 4 hours of loadsheding on Tuesday. Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) produce 350-mmcfd gas from the Sawan Gas-field, out of which 100 mmcfd is for SSGC and 250 mmcfd for SNGPL. The field was shut down for annual maintenance from 1 to 7 July. We had informed the KESC six months ago about the closing of this field, SSCG has reduced only 80 mmcfd supply to Bin Qasim Power Plant while Korangi and the gas turbine of KESC has been getting normal supply. The agreed quota of gas to KESC is 236 mmcfd but SSCG at times provided 246 mmcfd to the company, an official said. He added that the SSGC understands the problem of KESC and will help the company in all circumstances. According to the KESC, the extra electricity deficit, caused by continuing low gas pressure, would end today (Wednesday) as the Sawan Gas Field was expected to resume supply till night. Talking to the media, Zahir Rizvi, Director Distribution, and Khalid Javed, Executive Director Generation of KESC, expressed hope that current spell of loadshedding would end as soon as the company started receiving the required gas supply. They said that the gas constraint had occurred due to the closure of Sawan Gas Field last week for annual maintenance work. At 2 PM on Tuesday, they said, the KESC was supplying a total of 2114 megawatts of electricity while the total demand stood at 2360 MW. The deficit of 246 MWs had been causing a rotational loadshedding of one hour in each of the residential areas of the City, according to the officials of KESC. They further said that there had been some difficulties in removing distribution faults at some places. Due to rise in temperature, use of air conditioners has been increased putting extra load on the distribution infrastructure besides causing faults. The KESC staff corrected 19 major faults during the last 24 hours while work on others was underway, they added.