I am referring to two new items that appeared in todays papers. The first one is a statement from SSP Islamabad that the Police had unearthed a huge scandal by impounding containers of contraband/liquor that were being imported under immunity of diplomatic goods. The SSP refused to disclose names of the diplomats involved or their embassies and countries on the premise that The law does not allow disclosure of names of diplomats. The papers of the same day carry another item about an equally embarrassing scandal which the officials involved have tried to play down. A Turkish court has partially frozen bank accounts of the Pakistani Consulate in Istanbul ordering it to pay $8,000 to five Turkish girls hired during President Asif Ali Zardaris visit to Turkey. It is claimed the girls were hired as 'interpreters but our Department of Foreign Affairs, unfortunately, had no head for the transaction that took place between them and those they were hired for. So they were not paid. According to Turkish officials, the diplomatic missions dont enjoy immunity in civil suitsnot in Turkey anyway. -JAVED, Karachi, July 5.