International media has carried reports that one more pre-partition building in Lahore which currently houses the National Management College (NMC) is being destroyed by the rapacious bureaucracy of Punjab in the name of development. The NMC used to be the Pakistan Administrative Staff College (PASC) of the old. But originally, it was built as the former Punjab Club in 1904 as a fine example of the Greeko-Roman architecture the colonists were so fond of. The PASC was first established in these premises in 1960 during Ayub Khans era to train the officers of senior management level. In 2002, during tenure of the last Principal and present day Rector, the PASC was changed into National School of Public Policy (NSPP). No previous management had ever tried to change the magnificent old structure of the main building facing the legendry Mall Road. Rather every effort was made to keep the grandeur of this grand edifice intact. However, after taking over the administration, the present Rector (a retired Lt General of Kargil fame) started demolishing the old structure mercilessly, replacing it with behemoths of concrete. The metropolis of Lahore, once famous for its gardens and magnificent buildings dating as far back as medieval times, is fast losing its glory to the avaricious builders-mafia, senseless bureaucracy and apathetic politicians. The hapless Lady Aitcheson Hospital and Falettis Hotel that fell long ago are oft-quoted examples of the heritage we have lost forever. The NMC building is a historical national heritage that has to be saved from demolition or defacement and preserved under all circumstances. -D. M. BALOCH, Canada, July 7.