NEW Delhi is crossing all limits in its evil objective of denying the Kashmiris their right to self-determination - three more people have been brutally gunned down by the security forces, followed by a curfew in Srinagar. These were peaceful protestors marching on the streets to make their voices heard and the dreadful way in which they were stopped would underline the Indian propensity to act as a savage force, having total disregard for civilian life. And hardly a day goes by without acts of violence taking place. The pity is that though India has killed thousands of Kashmiris, since it occupied the state, the so-called civilised world that never tires of boosting of its high standards of human rights is keeping mum, given its fear of offending New Delhi. It is likewise a great shame that the UNSC resolutions have been gathering dust, showing not only Indian intransigence, but also bearing testimony to the dead conscience of the international community. On the other hand, the world powers would create a mountain of a molehill, whenever lives of non-Muslims are endangered. They are also letting India humiliate and massacre the Kashmiris because they happen to be Muslims. Meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly clear that India is not in a mood to act responsibly. Its aggression evident from firing mortars across the Line of Control targeting a village in Sialkot shows its hostility towards Pakistan. Talking about normalising the bilateral equation, External Affairs Minister Krishna seems to have missed the point that in the face of such aggression, there can be no lasting peace. There should be little doubt that its hostile acts and the extra-judicial killings of Kashmiris would have a bearing on the peace process. Indian intransigence to go to any lengths to maintain illegal occupation and brutally suppressing resistance cannot be ignored. There can be no peace between the two nuclear armed countries unless the core issue of Kashmir is resolved.