Telling lies without any sense of shame has become the hallmark of our politicians. I am convinced that if one has to take part in politics, one has to be a liar without a speck of self respect. One should be totally illiterate (or act like one even if one is a Ph.D.) and as shameless as one is cruel. Unfortunately, the present ruling class, and that includes all their coalition partners as well, are people of this type. These coalition partners are all blackmailing each other with out exception. I have little hesitation in saying that not a single member of the ruling coalition is honest even though they all took oath to serve Pakistan honestly. Not one of them is doing that as all are busy minting money. The other day a private TV channel showed us a video clip of PM standing with Rehman Malik and some chamchas. The PM was vehemently arguing that Rehman Malik never used the term 'Punjabi Taliban anywhere. While the PM was presenting this defence of his Interior Minister, Rehman Malik was continuously nodding his head right and left in support of what his boss was saying. As soon as this short clip ended, the channel showed us another clip in which Rehman Malik was speaking and one clearly heard him using the term 'Punjabi Taliban. He said they were responsible for terrorism in Pakistan. -ISMAIL ZANJANI, Lahore, July 7.