Pakistan faces the biggest threat of its existence, not from its borders but from the terrorists within. These barbarians kill and maim innocent citizens of Pakistan in hits made everyday. If we could get to them, they deserve no mercy, nor do their facilitators. There are three kinds of terrorist organisations in this country. All three are being funded to brainwash recruits that can be used like robots for targeted killings. The first kind exploits religion as a tool to breed hatred in the minds of desperate youth. It exploits poverty, sectarian biases and desperation that typically breed in the idle, unemployed. After being brainwashed, they are asked to volunteer as human bombs in the mistaken belief that their sacrifice would be rewarded with a place in heaven. The second kind of terrorist are the political terrorists who use violence to intimidate their political opponents, resort to target-killings of political adversaries and employ violence to collect funds and enforce citywide shut downs, as are frequently witnessed in Karachi and Hyderabad. The third kind of terrorists are the economic terrorists who facilitate delivery of weapons, help the terrorists raise funds and provide them with logistical support during and after operations. This last category also includes the government departments that facilitate smuggling and delivery of weapons to various locations in exchange for huge bribes. It is time the people of Pakistan, their independent judiciary, elected parliament and democratic forces joined hands to eliminate all of these terrorists and their facilitators from within our borders. They deserve no mercy for they have caused thousands of deaths, given unbearable agony for millions and made many a million homeless. Only if we eliminate this enemy within can we prevent the enemy outside from succeeding. -GULL ZAMAN, Paris, July 6.