The importance of taking an oath or pledging allegiance should be gauged from the fact that just the verbal recitation of ‘Kalima’, converts a non-Muslim to a Muslim, breaking all bonds with any other faith or beliefs, previously held by an individual. What is after all the ritual of offering prayers, other than submission to the will of Almighty? Similarly when a Pakistani national takes a voluntary decision to pledge an ‘Oath of Loyalty’ to another nation, its constitution, monarch, elected constitutional head etc, he renounces all pledges of loyalty to his native country, its constitution and laws. One can understand the compulsions of those, who in search of livelihood are forced to seek foreign nationalities, sending their savings to feed their extended families living in Pakistan. What is unfortunate is the choice of those who having benefited the most from this country, made fortunes in Pakistan and then chose to betray their motherland by fleeing abroad, taking all their wealth with them.Most of them come back with prestigious organisations and then are appointed at important posts. They are allowed to play a role in the politics of this country, or be nominated on Boards of Directors of important state owned corporations, financial institutions and policy making corridors. It is such people who are involved in massive flight of capital from Pakistan. Can somebody explain compulsion of Governor State Bank Yasin Anwar, or others holding prominent and sensitive assignments, including those heading political parties to seek foreign passports, although their ‘Oath of Allegiance’ binds them to serve national interests of their newly adopted state, if and when called upon to do so. Will UK, USA or Canada allow its Chancellor of Exchequer or Treasury Secretary to hold a foreign nationality, where he can seek refuge to evade accountability? Why should State corporations like PIA induct foreign nationality holders, instead of preferring Pakistani nationals? It is the tax payer’s money which funds these state corporations and they must train Pakistani nationality holders, instead of those who hold foreign nationality, pay taxes to that state, but seek benefits from Pakistan, while its own citizens are ignored.MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, July 3.