Education should be any country’s top priority as it raises the standard of living and brings its people up to par with the rest of the world. The government has ignored this for the last six decades and there seems to be not much hope expected in the future. HEC is a prestigious body, established in good faith with high hopes, buts its continuously being in the news does not bode well for it.The present budget allotted to HEC is twice that of Gilgit-Baltistan’s budget. With a big sum of 57 billion of public money, HEC must be in a better position to promote provincial education standards and motivate the much needed spirit of research work in universities. All degree holders have to get their documents attested from HEC, many degree holders personally visit the HEC office in Islamabad, but the HEC entertains only limited number of visitors within its very short fixed hours. The process of attestation is very frustrating and time consuming.I would like to suggest a simple and practical solution to this problem both for the students and the HEC staff, precious time and money will be saved. My sincere suggestion is that every degree should be sent for attestation to HEC, by the concerned university, before a degree is issued to the student. The attestation fee can be collected from students along with examination fee, a procedure already successfully being exercised for Detailed Marks Certificates (DMCs) by various educational boards.DR. MUKHTAR ALI, Khurram Agency, July 3.