The blast that ripped through Lahore’s Old Anarkali Food Street on Saturday has not been claimed by any group, but seemed to be the work of militants. The purpose was to create terror, which it seems to have done. At the same time, it was also being noted that the blast in Lahore took place in the Prime Minister's constituency, while he was away on a visit to China. It remains to be seen whether the Food Street blast was a one-off, or as in the past, a precursor to further blasts. The twisted prospects of multiple rewards in Ramazan may make peaceful citizens unwitting targets in the holy month.The intelligence agencies must not only increase their coordination, but also their vigilance, so that the law enforcing agencies can play an effective role in tackling this menace. However, it is essential to identify those guilty of the Food Street blast, so that they can be brought to trial, and given due punishment. At present, the impunity of the terrorists can only encourage them, especially when, as in Saturday’s blast, the perpetrators escape unharmed.Apart from improving intelligence, the government must invest in the training of the police force. We are in a long fight, that will require every last dreg of perseverance we can muster. We are failing to gather intelligence in time to present these attacks, we do not have a coherent narrative behind which to gather our people and address the confusion of those who call themselves Muslims, yet attack all those traditions and values that the average Muslim hold dear. It is not a moment too soon that an all parties conference is being gathered. A counter terrorism policy is urgently required. Full backing must be given to the law enforcement agencies in finding the persons responsible. But most importantly, the government must display that it is serious about ending the decade long reign of terror that Pakistan's people have suffered through. With the troops withdrawal in Afghanistan, full focus will be diverted to Pakistan. Before that happens, we must ready our capabilities to deal with an enemy unrelenting and without compassion.