The finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s statement that ‘Kalabagh Dam cannot be built at the cost of federation’s vitality’, apart from being confusing is also in consonance with the Peoples Party’s thinking on the subject. It has been brought out by many experts on the subject that the building of KBD will not negatively affect any of our provinces. Instead, it is a guaranteed cure for the vital national ailments like alarming energy crisis, acute water shortage and barrenness of 30 million acres of land, due to which Pakistan has suffered for all these years. The opposition to its construction is merely a political stunt created by some leaders of Sindh and KPK. It is heartening that Imran Khan, whose party is ruling KPK, has favored the building of KBD thereby indicating that at least the opposition of one province is neutralized. The PPP which rules the province of Sindh, however, continues to oppose the project. One wonders why the PPP leaders are keeping their eyes closed to miseries the people of Pakistan are facing due to shortage of food, water and electricity and the country turning financially bankrupt on account of the virtual closure of industry, trade and commerce. Is not it shameful that our dear Pakistan being an agricultural country we are importing vegetables, fruits and food grains from abroad. Only the other day I asked a fruit vendor the rate of bananas. He quoted Rs. 300 per dozen. Stunned at such a high price I asked him, why so expensive? He replied, ‘Sir they have been imported from Philippines. Apart from the prices of imported food items even the rates of locally produced eatables are sky high due to shortage in production for closure of tube wells and other sources of water; all those who oppose the building of KBD must be pretty rich to ignore these factors and having no heart to feel the plight of common man. I suggest a special session of the national assembly should be convened to discuss the problem. A group of technical experts on the subject from WAPDA and other agencies including specialists like former Chairman WAPDA Shamsul Mulk, Dr M Yaqoob Bhatti and Engineer Khurshid Anwer be formed to address the parliamentarians and convince them that ‘KBD is the heart and soul of Pakistan’. If some jialas still oppose the project, the government should ignore them and start preparations as and when feasible. We must remember that the PML-N’s government has come to power on the slogan of ‘creating a new Pakistan’. The golden objective can only be achieved by taking some revolutionary steps. The building of KBD will be an achievement as great as the nuclear explosion and building of the motorway for which Mian Nawaz Sharif will be remembered for all time.RAFI NASIM, Lahore, July 4.