I remember studying different feminist perspectives in one of my semesters. One of those feminist perspectives was the concept of “superwoman”. This unbelievable concept presents a woman who has super-human powers and has the ability to continue her domestic responsibilities with her professional responsibilities. It gives us a woman who fulfils all her duties designated to her in different relationships as a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter etc. and also fulfils her need for being independent economically and fulfilling her professional duties perfectly as well.The same concept of “superwoman” with a little change is prevailing in our society. A woman is supposed to fulfill all her domestic responsibilities without even a glitch as it is considered her ‘duty’ to look after home and people related to her. With increasing inflation and sky-rocking prices, it is now added in her portfolio to do a job as well so she can support her family economically. The issue becomes when we start to consider a working woman as a robot with supernatural powers and stamina and expect her to keep the house spotless, while being able to earn the family’s bread and bread at the same time. We do not consider it a possibility that she is a human being too. She cannot do a 9am to 5pm job while also cater to our domestic needs entailing those of a housewife. We do not consider she may need the break as men do on weekends. She works as a superwoman; she goes to work on weekdays, cater to all the domestic responsibilities like cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. and then does not get a holiday on the weekends. We forget that these working women are human beings too, they have feelings, and that they also need respite from their robotic lives. SumayyaRiaz Rana, Lahore, July 6.