Etihad Airways is based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and is making an effort to support a campaign to raise awareness of polio virus and vaccination in Pakistan, which I believe is very welcome. A short in-flight video is shown, prior to arrival on all Etihad Airways flights into Pakistan. The campaign named ‘Leap of Faith’ aims to make thousands of Pakistani workers, returning home or visiting their families, aware of the risk of polio virus for them and their families, and realize how important it is for the children to get vaccinated.

Pakistan is one of the three countries where polio virus remains endemic. I am sure that the combined efforts of public and private sector in eradicating this endemic disease will bear fruits soon. I wish the Pakistani government had made more effort in eradication this menace, as has been done in other countries where there were huge challenges, because the only thing lacking in Pakistan is the will of the government.


Karachi, July 5.