The LDA’s scheme in Johar Town, in which a piece of land which was earmarked as a park never became a park. This land has overgrown grass and bushes now. Houses of three blocks G, E/2 and F face the park. As if this was not enough, the LDA has lately begun to use the land to pump sewage water, and as a result the area has slimy black water polluting the atmosphere. This area has schools where thousands of children study and an awful stench permeates the atmosphere all the time. People are seen holding tissue papers to their noses when walking.

What happened to the LDA, don’t they have any responsible person who can stop such filth from being pumped into mainstream localities which can spread diseases? This is Lahore and not a village, a city where our present Prime Minister and Chief Minister reside! I draw the attention of CM Punjab, who has a reputation for being a workaholic, to take immediate steps to rid the residents of the area of this misery.


Lahore, July 4.