Every nation considers climate change a major threat to its survival and has begun taking actions to mitigate it. Regretfully, Pakistan witnesses an increased frequency in natural disasters and calamities, which is bringing change in climate, which will increase our dependence on IMF loans. Sadly the common man does not know the disastrous impact of climate change. Now, a heavy responsibility rests on our leaders to increase awareness about climate change and urge their supporters, party workers and sympathizers to adopt environment friendly practices and reduce carbon emissions by promoting renewable energy and increasing forest cover. This could bring a revolution in mitigating the aftermath of climate change.

The government seems to be focused on increasing the problems, be they energy or climate change, rather than on eliminating our problems and making life simpler and easy. One easy step would be to ask everyone to plant trees and plants, easy and affordable, but the government would waste billions of rupees in printing posters, which most of our population cannot read, rather than give everyone a plant to raise.


Lahore, July 5.