We have seen a growing number of bans in the last few years, and now Britain has imposed a restriction on Pakistani students and a few other international students in three universities and 57 private colleges over fake English Language certificates. According to the UK immigration minister James Brokershire, scores of students hoodwinked the visa procedures by submitting fake English Language Certificates to get students visa. A traveling ban was already imposed on Pakistanis regarding polio vaccination. Apart from that, some international airlines have suspended their services and denied to land at Peshawar Airport a week ago. Albeit by my reckoning, the country is being isolated from the world with so called made up bans! We should make all out efforts to find out who is behind this distorting of our image and efforts should be made to rectify them by our government and foreign office. Why is our government quiet and taking it lying down?


Islamabad, July 6.