LAHORE - After completing rudimentary work, the PML-N is all set to launch campaign for local government elections after Eidul Fitr.

The local government elections in Punjab are due to take place on September 20. After so many fissures in PPP and its low-profile political posture in Punjab, the PML-N is mulling PTI its real rival in the local governments.

The PML-N enjoys majority of about 300 members out of total 371 of the Punjab Assembly and for the LG, it is working out things in a way to at least retain that strength and do some extra to further margnalise the PTI at this fundamental tier of democracy.

Sources in the party say that distribution of farms to the aspirants of the party tickets will start after Eid and the final names for the candidates for Chairman and Vice Chairman of district councils will be picked up by the party high commands.

On a contact Parliamentary Leader for Information Rana Arshad tells this scribe that committees have been set up at the district level to pick up candidates of the party for the LG polls. He says two senior members of the party have been made incharge of each district while another committee of six members, including MNAs and MPAs concerned to the same constituency, as well as district president and the Secretary, has been assigned the task of selecting names, interviewing and scrutinizing worth of the candidates. He says most of the names will be finalised at this level and if any dispute erupted, the decision of the party high command will prevail.

The party has also decided to left open if more than one candidates would aspire to run as N candidates and the winner will be adopted by the party.

MNA Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has been made overall incharge of the LG election while final list of district candidates will be approved by the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Sources in the party say that the election strategy is being devised more in view of the competition with the PTI than the tradition rival PPP. Although the PML-N is not oblivious of the PPP popularity factor in South Punjab and also that this party is preparing to revamp its declining position in this largest province by way of bringing PPP mainstream leadership including its Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto into action and reorganistion of the party from top to bottom.

Sources further say that party commands has directed the committees to pick up the candidates purely on merit and giving preference to the youth for the seats other the top two. They say in order to ensure suitability, character and public acceptance of the candidates, a role to collect information may also be assigned to the DCO and the DPO concerned.

Sources say that the party is bracing for the election on September 20 yet delay factor due delay in the completion of delimitations, and other matters relevant to the election commission strike the mind. The Punjab government has urged the Commission for holding elections in phases in divisions of the Punjab in order to avert the mess, clashes, and rumpus that took place in the LG polls of Khyber PK as well as to lend transparency to the process.

The commission has also been asked to lessen the number of ballot papers for marking 13 candidates in a go so that time could be saved and confusion avoided. Decision on that all is still pending and the PML-N will adopt its election affairs in view of it, they add.

At the party level, consultation has been started and suggestions being received to ensure landslide victory in the elections as well as holding of party public meeting in various parts of the province. And the party activity on the election will begin to pick up momentum right after Eid and will run all cylinders from the next month, sources add.