ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the government to explain reason behind the delay in holding the local body elections in Islamabad despite the court orders.

A 3-member SC bench headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja was hearing the Islamabad LB polls case.

During the hearing, Justice Khawaja remarked the LB elections would be held whether through the new legislation or the prevailing rules.

Additional Attorney General Amir Rehman said that the federal government is desirous of holding elections in the Capital.

Upon which, Justice Khawaja remarked 'supremacy of law' stands for a meaning. He said that it is a separate matter whether the elections are held on party basis or not. There is a need to look into the rules to hold polls, he added.

Justice Sheikh Azmat said it is a matter relating to the Constitution of Pakistan but unfortunately, it is not being taken seriously.

"Is the federal government here only to play games?" Justice Azmat asked.

Rehman said that no notification was issued for the LB elections 2002. However, he said that the Senate session would approve legislation in this regard.

Justice Khawaja said the polls could be held under 2002 rules after the issuance of a single notification. The court said that a notification could be issued to the administration in a matter that involves people's basic rights.

Justice Azmat further said the court is not concerned with the timeline of the legislation.

The hearing was adjourned till today (Wednesday) after ordering the federation to inform about its next step in the connection.