The Jammu & Kashmir National Front (JKNF) categorically refuted a report issued by the Indian Home Ministry asserting that only 13,904 Kashmiri people were killed in Indian-held Kashmir during 1989 to 2014.

Terming the New Delhi’s report as the bundle of lies, JKNF’s Spokesperson and Central Vice Chairman and human rights advocate Altaf Hussain Wani said that the report is a naked lie and these statistics were far away from the actual killings inflicted by the Indian occupational armed forces in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, Wani asked the Indian government to accept the recommendations of the international watch dog calling for repealing of the defamed draconian law of Armed forces special powers act and ending the culture of impunity in the occupied territory instead of issuing false reports.

He underlined that the international human rights groups estimated the killings of over 70,000 innocent Kashmiris which include extra-judicial killings and mass killings like, Gawkadal, Bijbardha, Kupwara, Hundwara and Hawal massacres. However, local human rights groups claim it over 90, 000.

Altaf Wani pointed out that the recent Amnesty International report and the findings of the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial and summary execution and working group on enforced disappearances reveal the facts that India army has been involved in gross and systematic human rights violations and enjoy total impunity under Armed forces Special Powers Act.

The JKNF spokesman said that it was very easy to understand that the reports of the international tribunal for peace and coalition of civil society were aimed at painting a rosy picture of the happenings in Kashmir. Instead of accepting the ground reality of human rights as expressed in the recent reports of Amnesty International and other human rights groups, Indian government tried to camouflage its wrong doings by releasing such reports, he said.