It is unfortunate to see DJ Butt and PTI at loggerheads, especially when he has played such an instrumental role at the PTI Dharna at D-Chowk. DJ butt believes he played a vital role in creating a huge fan base for the PTI because of the unanimous love for his music at these rallies. This may well be true. It would have been no fun without him. His journey from humble beginnings to achieving new heights of success can be entirely owed to the PTI. The PTI in turn owes him for the welcoming ambiance he created for their dharnas in the sweltering summer heat. We all witnessed the dharna’s almost carnival like quality and one year later we continue to be entertained.

The PTI continues to taint itself with mini-scandals. Their refusal to fulfill their payment dues for such an important member of their party has raised many eyebrows. Despite contacting the PTI to pay him his remaining 80 million rupees, he had been paid 60 million during the dharna. The amount of money already paid is staggering, and what is owed is even more so. What made the PTI agree to this in the first place? While all agreements must be honoured, especially by men with reputations to protect, we have a culture of agreeing to one thing and then paying for another. It comes down to bad politics and bad business. The PTI does not need bad press from someone who they themselves have admitted has been instrumental in their dharna success. The dharnas may well have been a spectacle, but the PTI has to stop being one if it wants to be taken seriously.