PESHAWAR - To create employment opportunities, support growth of local industrial sector and ensure use of technologies, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to establishment small industrial estate in Swat and build construction machinery training institute in Swabi respectively, official sources said on Tuesday.

Sharing details of existing industrial sector, they said that to cope with the situation, a new industrial policy is being formulated which will boost industrial development in the province. “Currently there are a total of 2,481 industrial units in KP, of them 1,909 units are operating while 334 are closed and 238 industrial units have winded up”, the sources added.

They added that currently total investment in industrial sector of the province is up to Rs 136, 880.291 million, which is providing direct employment to 71,340 persons. They, however, said that there are chances of further improvement in the sector, which has badly been damaged by decade long unrest in the region.

To further promote investment and employment in the province, KP government has approved criteria for the utilization of the land acquired by the government for industrial purpose. According to the criteria new industrial estates will be established, which will promote investment and employment in the province.

For the current fiscal year, 2015-16, the provincial government has allocated Rs 3471 million for 36 total projects in industry sector, of which 28 are ongoing with allocation of Rs 2541 million and eight are new with allocation of Rs 930 million.

This huge allocation would be spent on establishing small industrial estate in Swat, constructing machinery training institute in Swabi, establishing campus of KP UET in Swabi, KP SMEs development authority, the officials explained. Similarly govt would construct 132 KV grid station at industrial estate Hattar. They said that there is a need to support growth of locally and internationally competitive industries, generating employment and technological up-gradation. To advocate sustained growth in export, government revenues and industrial and service sector profits.

The PK government, officials said that govt was trying its level best to ensure creation of business enabling environment for the private sector, economic activity and growth will lead to increased employment opportunities leading to poverty reduction and increase in earnings and income.

The main focus in the industrial sector is to produce skilled manpower, essential for the industrialization of the province. In order to meet the increasing demand for skilled workers, in various production and services sectors of the province, technical education & manpower department will mainly concentrate on establishing polytechnic institutes.

Also, the provincial government has approved amendments in the Consumer Protection Act 1997 to penalize offenders with fine up to Rs 50,000 and imprisonment up to three years. The provincial government has also established seven consumer courts on divisional level for effective implementation of the Act. This will enable the government to curb the marketing of sub-standard/spurious consumer goods and services, they concluded.