Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has been assigned the duty of rejuvenating PPP in Punjab by consoling the recalcitrant PPP workers. The job is however difficult for the young Bilawal as he cannot go against the wishes of his co-chairman who is virtually acting as chairman of PPP. Nothing grows under a Banyan tree, as sunshine does not allow a plant to grow underneath it. Mr. Bilawal is unfortunate that his mother had a reputation of an astute and clean politician while his father had a public perception of Mr. 10 to 90 percent. The stories of his massive corruption are well known and repeated which would hang like a millstone around Bilawal’s neck.

Nothing can shake this off, he was educated in the west, where truthful values prevail and it would be difficult if not impossible for him to compromise. The present climate of the country is based on compromise but right and wrong have never been compromised in history as a titanic struggle between the twain is destined in the world by providence. Can Bilawal support KBD, which has been made a victim of politics by a former PPP Prime Minister? The test case for Bilawal is KBD, as Pakistan would swim or sink on this touchstone. Does he have the guts to decide positively on the basis of facts to face anti KBD lobbies which would doom Pakistan?


Lahore, July 6.