ISLAMABAD - Victimisation of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) by Nawaz Sharif’s governments is nothing new, as like current era the opposition faction had been pushed to the wall several times in the past.

“MQM has to face such weird allegations especially in Nawaz Sharif’s regimes and this time too it will endure all these hardships with determination and fortitude,” said MQM’s senior parliamentary leader in the National Assembly Abdul Rashid Godil, in an exclusive interview with The Nation.

About allegation of having links with Indian spy agency RAW, Godil said that party’s legal experts are dealing with the matter. “How many times allegations are levelled against MQM... don’t worry, the party will get through this difficult period,” he added.

Elaborating his reservations, he said that Muttahida had faced very hard time in 1992 when such weird allegations were leveled against it. “Situation like 1992 was repeated several times but we faced it with fortitude and successfully exonerated,” said MQM’s parliamentary leader, adding the party is once again confronting with tough situation and volley of allegations but it would not shake our determination. “MQM members are loyal to country and under the leadership of Altaf Hussain will keep struggling for the welfare of the homeland,” he said.

About Karachi operation, Godil expressed severe reservations over targeting only MQM without any solid proofs. “MQM’s members and workers are blamed for illegal activities and nabbed without solid reasons,” he said, terming Karachi operation MQM-centric. “Don’t spread hate with cheap tactics. Stop designing anti-MQM agenda as we are true patriots,” he said in an emotional mood.

When asked about recent arrests of MQM’s workers for collecting ‘Fitrana’, he said MQM workers were blamed for forcibly collecting ‘Fitrana’ at different locations of Karachi. “We strongly deny it...MQM workers are not taking fitrana forcibly...If we ask for fitrane then allegation of extortion are leveled against us but nobody raise question about Jahadi outfits and Imran Khan,” he said, adding the Rangers should not conduct such fake operation. “I am shocked over such discrimination as these are mere tactics to push MQM to the wall,” he said, adding that Pakistan needs prayers for its prosperity and development as such nefarious designs to malign a political party is not favourable.

Muttahida, which is facing for over a year the investigations by London police over suspected money laundering and murder case of MOQ’s own leader Dr Imran Farooq, has also been forced to close its offices in different sectors. “MQM had never been afraid of such allegations in the past,” he said, as they have always successfully proved their innocence in face of all such designs.