LAHORE - The PTI Punjab has announced launching a mass contact movement to reach maximum number of people before the local bodies’ polls as part of party plans for early local elections campaign.

The announcement came in the result of a meeting between PTI central organizer, Jahangir Tareen and Punjab organizer, Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar at party’s central secretariat on Tuesday. Talking to the media after the meeting, Tareen and Sarwar jointly announced that party would hold public meetings, rallies and gatherings in every street of province’s union council.

Appreciating the efforts of Punjab organizer, Tareen expressed full confidence of PTI’s central command over preparations for local polls by the provincial leadership.

Sarwar while saying that leaders and workers from other parties were joining PTI unconditionally and that was a big testimony concerning the fast growing popularity of the party ahead of local polls due in September. He claimed award of party tickets for the upcoming local elections would be made purely on merit and by the parliamentary boards of each respective district. Sarwar also told the media that he had formed 28 district organisers so far in Central Punjab with consultations of the local party workers.