The recent heat wave that hit Karachi bought many question regarding how and why such heat wave struck Sindh and why people were not informed about it and what was the role of government and department of National Disaster, most of these questions were left answered. The major reason, according to environmentalists was low air pressure and high humidity, linked to global climate change related to ‘time mover’ phenomenon. That is caused by rapid deforestation, pollution caused by industries, rapid construction using concrete and depletion of ozone layer, all fruits of human modernization.

As it is indicated that ‘Heat Wave’ is a phenomenon that would not diminish soon and would persist for quite some time. According to my opinion there are various strategies that can be adopted, by the state to prevent further risk of heat wave in future; these steps can be the utilizing of our coastal line by planting various tress, such as coconut and palm etc. Everyone can join in and plant more tress indoor and outdoor.

We can all take responsibilities and stop using items that destroys the ozone layer. As there is shortage of parks and area in our city for proper forestation, the costal line provides the best substitute. Government should utilize our coastal it like Malaysia and Australia have done and that will also help in preventing floods and earthquakes.

Government can make it compulsory to grow gardens and trees on roofs and making green houses as done in China and Japan where they uses their roofs to grow vegetables. Due to extreme lack of civil sense and responsible we continue to gather disasters. We can still make a lot of changes and make our future better and for that all we need is the government to realize its responsibilities and individuals to realize their roles as a mature and civilized nation.


Karachi, July 3.