It is common perception that Asif Zardari is responsible for the downfall of PPP. He has damaged the party to the extent, which Dictator General Zia ul Haq with all his cleverness and hypocrisy was not able to achieve. One wonders why Benazir Bhutto, with all the political acumen and wisdom, had to write a will which allowed Zardari to take over the party in case of her demise, when in her life she never allow him to actively play any role in PPP affairs? Some are suspicious of his role in her killing and ask why the key witness, who were at her security were eliminated.

Who killed them and who is the main beneficiary of her death? Why during 5 year of PPP government the murdered case of Benazir Bhutto was not solved? Now it appears that Zardari is not keen to hand over the party reins to Bilawal Bhutto and wants to have a status like Altaf Hussain has in MQM. The political image of PPP is so tainted that it will be a Hercules task for Bilawal to stop its down fall. It will not be possible to revive the ideology of his party in the presence of old guards. How can he claim to be the leader of poor with his billions?


Lahore, July 3.