The outcome of the visit of Prime Minister to Karachi was disappointing. There is an obvious crisis of governance in Sindh with the provincial government and administration unable to rule and to fulfil the tasks. People are dying in the street, security is null and the most amazing thing is that we who helped Sri Lanka rid themselves of insurgents cannot do the same in our country. No one can find a logical reason or take responsibility for the 1500 deaths by heatstroke?

Governance and security issues cannot be tackled if the sources of financing terrorism are political and religious. The PM did not announce any decisive steps to tackle the K-electric problem nor has the corruption problem been mentioned in spite of provincial finance minister holding K-Electric responsible for the carnage. Instead of visiting the victims he cut his visit short and disappeared to go on a private visit with all his family, on our expense to Norway.

This shows priority of our rulers, he arrived after having been briefed by the COAS in detail about what to say and what not to say. That is good because it is the army and not the civilian government that is standing behind the Karachi operation; it is the rangers who started opening heat stroke centers in town when all the politicians were sitting at home in air-conditioned rooms. It was the same DG Rangers Gen. Bilal who produced the list of corrupt politicians from the ruling party and the bureaucracy that upset Mr. Zardari so much that he was heard raving and ranting on TV.

Sindh government and Nawaz’s government have no pity for the poor all they care for is how much money they can make. Having pocketed all the aid money from KSA, IMF they have now fulfilled their job and are here to just enjoy the next three years. Pakistan is surely in a bad situation; while the PPP is blaming the PML-N the PML-N is blaming the PPP, at the end we have to recognise that they are all partners in crime.


Karachi, July 2.