THARPARKAR, July 08 (INP): At least 20 peacocks died and more than two dozen others affected of deadly Newcastle disease in couple of days.

Local sources said that lives of peacocks, the natural beauty of Tharparkar was at stake as 20 peacocks have died during last two to three days of ‘Ranikhet’ disease in village Mithi of Thar.

They said that more than two dozen other peacocks were affected of the deadly disease but wildlife department can perceive the reasons of outspread of the disease and treat it to save precious birds.

The locals complaint that due to Eid vacations they failed to establish to contact with wildlife officials and employees and it was feared that toll due to Newcastle will mount further.

They urged the provincial government and authorities to take notice of the situation and deploy special teams for saving the precious birds.

It is worth to mention that hundreds of peacocks died due to ‘Ranikhet’ in Tharparkar during last few years and despite repeated assurances the department concerned failed to make efforts to deal with the disease.