­FAISALABAD-The Milli Muslim League (MML) is taking part in politics only serve the nation and its message is to promote the ideology of Pakistan during the election campaign.

Ameer Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed stated while addressing a public meeting held here at Hockey Stadium as party of MML election campaign.

On the occasion, he announced making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state in a true sense. "We have no clash with other political parties. We are taking part in politics to serve the nation," he pointed out.

The event was arranged by Milli Muslim League. Thousands of people from all walks of life attended the public meeting. The JuD ameer was warmly welcomed by the public. Enthusiastic youth showered petals on him. Slogans were chanted in favour of Pakistan and MML.

Hafiz Saeed praised the role of national institutes in protecting the interest and integrity of the country. He said, "Our life is in Allah's hands. Neither we can be sold nor we fear anyone," he declared.

He declared that they are ready to sacrifices everything for the country. "We are not among those who consider politics a profitable business rather the MML will issue tickets to only those who intend to serve the mankind," he asserted. Hafiz Saeed pointed out that the MML only objective is to protect against all sort of internal and external challenges.

The JuD vowed to continue humanitarian services across the country. He pledged that the MML would serve the people without any discrimination of religion, gender or creed. "We will resolve Pakistan's problems by serving the nation," he promised. He informed that the MML would provide Pakistan an alternative honest and sincere leadership as loot and plunder must end in Pakistan now.

In his speech, President MML Saifullah Khalid said that his party will end poverty and would work on the youth to build their character and make them true and sincere human beings. "We will create an environment of unity by bridging lingual and provincial differences," he added.

Secretary General MML and candidate for NA-109, Sheikh Fayyaz Ahmad, candidates - Hafiz Abdul Wahid (PP-112), Ch Riyasat Ali Sahi (PP-114) and others also spoke on the occasion.

Now public reps should face voters


KAMALIA-Milli Muslim League [MML] supremo Hafiz Saeed said during an address to a public meeting at Municipal Committee Park, Kamalia that Pakistan had an organized system through which decisions were made.

He said that courts made decisions as per laws in the light of evidence. He said that the issue raised with Panama Leaks had not finished yet. "This is not the problem of a person or a party rather it is a national issue," he said, adding that courts were playing due role in ouster of corrupt people out. He pointed out that the entire nation held their eyes at higher courts. He stated that Supreme Court's bold verdicts against corruption had increased masses' confidence in state institutions.

He added that people had full right to ask question from public representatives and hold them accountable. "People who elect their representatives through vote are now confronting them, which is a good omen for politics of the country," he noted. He said that the public representatives should face the public and answer their questions. Other MML office-bearers and candidates also addressed the public meeting.