The toughest job of all in today’s modern business is to stay relevant. Acquisitions and mergers would be a routine than a breaking news in coming days. However, local industry is still not prepared for any such adventures that multinational companies go through. Employees prefer to be in the phase of denial and strongly believe that the organisations should have some ‘mercy’ and mercy means the employees feel that their organisation avoids any layoff or ‘fat-removal activity’ that usually happens after the mergers and acquisitions. Acquisitions, in the declining economies like ours are perceived as a bad news.Talk of the town is thatthe employees are being laid off after a recent acquisition that hastaken placea couple of weeks ago.

This has happened before. There were more than five rounds of laying off employees. They were not laid off on their annual performance report. Most of them did not even know why they were asked to leave. Some of them were told that their positions have been redundant in the new organizational structure. Few of the departments were closed and the employees with ‘old skill set’ were no more required. They were not even guided about the required skills. Ironically, there were many with required skills yet asked to resign because a more lean and thin structure was required to achieve the targets. There were some who could not survive because they could not ‘pass’ the ‘reassessment process’ and could not justify their place in the hierarchy. The vacancies were reopened and filled with the less competent yet the favorite ones. And icing on the cake was the ‘forced’ VSS. A VSS (Voluntary Separation Scheme) in its true sense has worked well though.

Organization knows what it wants and what it is heading to. But the question is what the employees should do. How should they embrace this massive change and a mental and financial setback in fact when they are treated as ‘fat’ that must be removed? They feel unwelcomed and underrated in an environment where they have been rated as the best over the years.

Top of the all, employees must learn to accept the change as it comes. It will be more frequent in coming days. Fourth industrial revolution has changed the dynamics of the business worldwide. There is no such thing as permanent job, job security, consistency in roles or stability in the environment. Change is new constant. It has always been however it has appeared to be an absolute truth in recent times.

Moreover, you are not the victim. Do not fall prey to the ailment known as ‘self-pity’. Stop telling yourself and others that you were the best resource on earth but mishandled by many. You are not. If you can contribute to the organization or the culture, find another one if you are not provided with the opportunity in your current organization or role. If you think you are exceptional, you can stay relevant even if you are replaced by someone who is not as good as you are. If the organization decided to part ways with you, better to move on instead of wasting your time and resources in cursing the people in power.

If you are not one of ‘those’ 300 employees who will become millionaires after the acquisition, if you do not believe that the management is telling you the truth about operations of the organizations, if you are not one of the startup companies who were acquired by the big giant, if you are not one of those who will earn money in this entire process, if you do not believe what Dara said in his email to the entire employee base, “Now Pakistan is one of our fastest-growing markets in the world. We intend to operate Careem independentlyfor now for better operations and lower wait time, and also to expand the service with new products like high-capacity vehicles and payment system. Since both companies will continue to largely operate separately after the acquisition, very little will change in either teams’ day-to-day operations post-close.”

Then move on and look for the opportunities where you can contribute and feel valued. Dilemma of Pakistani industry is that the employer does not find a ‘right man’ for the right job and the ‘right man’ feels that there are no opportunities out there where as the ground reality of the market is that if an experienced candidate makes consistent attempts, s/he finds better opportunities with better package and role.There are many organizations out there looking for a professional with the experience and qualities you possess. You need to reach them and you will in a better role than that of the previous one. Lay-off will be a frequent activity in coming days. Embrace it and become a professional with a profile that the progressive organizations look for.

The writer is a corporate training specialist.