People all over the world are paying homage to the man who rekindled our faith in humanity, Edhi.

He earned various titles and esteemed recognition all over the globe and had millions mourning three years ago today when he passed away , leaving us in an amalgamation of inspired hope and dismay at the same time. Edhi was born on January 1st, 1928 in Gujrat, India and was brought up to be a compassionate human which added to it when he started taking care of his mentally ill and paralyzed mother. After witnessing the horrors that came with the brutal reality of partition, he was further convinced to play his part in the reformation of the society and laid down the foundation of what would later be the epitome of humanity - Edhi Foundation.

Be it orphans, addicts, homeless, the needy or any human that needed shelter, assistance or guidance, every person was welcomed by him with open arms. He was joined in this philanthropic journey by a nurse who worked with and proved to be as compassionate as Edhi himself and later became his spouse i.e. Bilquis Edhi. The couple had four children and served the nation together as a team.

He has been given the title of “Angel of Mercy” for his charitable acts towards each and every individual regardless of the class, religion, race or title. His services were provided on the basis of “human”, independent of all social norms and boundaries.

The humanitarian founded the Edhi foundation which runs hospitals, orphanages, shelters and rehab centres all over the country and is acknowledged and widely known all over the world. The foundation has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants, girls and boys, trained over 40,000 nurses and taken care of approximately 50,000 orphans till date. The foundation is a long network comprising 330 centres all over Pakistan. It consists of the world’s largest ambulance chain with estimated 600 vehicles dedicated to the service. The foundation does receive huge amount of charities and donations by the masses and fellow humanitarians.

Edhi himself led a very simple and pious life and lived in an ordinary household next to his office. In 2013, his kidneys failed and he led the following years on dialysis and took his last breath on 8th July, 2016.

He left millions inspired, moved and motivated to carry his legacy on. His wife is still working under the same principles and carrying his vision forward. May his soul rest in peace and may he keep on inspiring and guiding individuals in becoming better versions of themselves everyday.