A few days back, I went to a local shop to buy biryani. Usually, the shopkeeper packs it in a white Styrofoam box since it is cheap. But yesterday, he packed it in a silver aluminum box instead. I was surprised and asked him about this change. He informed me about how the Punjab Food Authority has banned the use of Styrofoam for packing cooked food. I didn’t understand the purpose behind this ban. When I went home and researched, I found how dangerous Styrofoam boxes can be. When hot food is served in Styrofoam boxes, benzene and styrene in it start to breakdown. These chemicals can cause cancer when dissolved in food. Many countries, including America, have banned the use of Styrofoam boxes. Not only are they hazardous to human health but also pollute the environment.

I appreciated this step by the Punjab Food Authority. Such steps should also be taken in other provinces to avoid any calamities in the future.