Karachi    -   Corrupt government of PPP in Sindh would end soon and all corrupt politicians will go to jail, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) parliamentary leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here on Sunday.

According to details, PTI senior leader held a press conference in the Insaf House, where he was flanked by MPAs Khuram Sher Zaman and Adil Ansari.

Haleem Adil said Maryam Nawaz showed the video of a person who is accused in 14 cases. He said the sad face of Shehbaz Sharif during this press conference showed who actually leads the PML-N. He said Bilawal Zardari is now delivering speeches in Dera Ghazi Khan and posing him as a supporter of Pashtuns. He asked where Bilawal Zardari was when Rao Anwar was killing Pashtuns in Karachi. He said when the Fata was included in national mainstream the Sindh government had refused to give its share.

Haleem Adil advised Bilawal to visit Larkana and Ratodero where widespread AIDS is killing innocent children. He said that Bilawal should ask from the provincial government of his party why these children are not getting proper medical facilities. He said in Ratodero so far 903 children suffering from AIDS are there but still a treatment center for them is to be made functional.

Haleem Adil said now Sindh chief minister has started topi-dramas and political gimmicks. He is inviting political leaders and talking about the problems of masses. He said why he is remembering Karachi now after 11 long years, when his government is soon about to end. He said presently whole Sindh including Karachi is suffering from a severe water shortage.

He said provincial minister Saeed Ghani is also holding topi-dramas with innocent children of Thar. He said after 11 years Saeed Ghani has remembered the children of Thar. He said the biggest water filter plant of Asia has failed to deliver in Thar due to corrupt practices of PPP rulers.

He said Saeed Ghani and his team members were not ready to drink the contaminated water of this plant. He said during one year more than 570 children have died in Thar due to lack of medical facilities.

He said Sindh media advisor has become an advisor for disinformation. He said three months ago Azra Pechoho called on the President of Pakistan and requested that the three major government hospitals of Karachi be given to Sindh government. The President granted her request, but now the PPP is misleading the masses that it has snatched these hospitals from the federal government.

He reminded that these hospitals were handed over to the Center on the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He said due to corruption of Sindh rulers NICVD is under burden of Rs10billion loans. The NICH is also in a bad shape. He said in civil hospital Karachi, the MRVI machine is not operating. He asked from the CM who is running the hospital of Sehwan and Janghara and who is running the hospital in constituency of Faryal Talpur.

Haleem Adil asked why 111 health centers of Sindh are given to an NGO, Integrated Health Services. He said in Sindh a corruption of Rs957billion is done in 10 years. A budget of Rs397billion simply lapsed due to non-use.

He said Bilawal Zardari says the budget of PTI is the budget of IMF. He reminded that the first loan from IMF was taken by Zulfikar Bhutto in 1965, and the second IMF loan was taken during the government of Bhutto.

He said today some provincial ministers have gone to Ghotki and we will file petition for their disqualification. He said Sindh rulers did a record corruption in irrigation, food and other departments. He said corruption of Rs100billion was made in purchase of wheat alone. He said now Ethiopia is giving medicines for treating AIDS to Sindh. He said education sector in Sindh province is totally in shambles. He said when traders and citizens would pay their due tax we will have no need to go to IMF.

MPA Khuram Sher Zaman said Karachi is facing a severe water shortage and now Sindh government is seeking help from a former mayor to resolve water issue of the megacity. He said despite spending billions of rupees Karachiites are being supplied gutter-mixed drinking water.

He said on July 11 Prime Minister Imran Khan would visit Karachi. He said I will request him to ask NAB to take action on all corruption cases and references. He said the provincial government is Sindh has totally failed to deliver and not only Karachi but many other towns like Badin, Thatta and Sukkur are facing severe water shortage.