ISLAMABAD (PR) The First Microfinance Bank Ltd. has been recognized for its digital innova­tions in the Pakistan Digi Awards 2019, at a cer­emony held in Karachi. FMFB’s Loan Origination System - Insta48, was recognized under the category of Best Banking Tech of the Year. Insta48 is a revolutionary innova­tion aimed at enhancing the customer experience during the loan applica­tion process. The second recognition came in the category of Best Online Streaming – wherein FMFB’s First Awaaz won the award for its unique content value. First Awaaz is used by the Bank for financial litera­cy, awareness and prod­uct marketing. The con­tent is locally produced by a talented group of ra­dio jockeys hired by the Bank. Listeners can tune into the service free over the web or through a dedicated telecom short code. These innovations are a part of a wider plan of the bank’s manage­ment to push financial inclusion via digital fi­nancial services, enabling financial accessibility for all across all corners of the Bank’s network.