Lahore - PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that by testifying the veracity of the audio and video presented by PML-N, Accountability Judge Arshad Malik has declared it authentic evidence admissible in the court of law.

Responding to the statement issued by the judge, Marriyum said the judge said that the video manipulated and misrepresented his words and conversation. This she said had removed all doubts regarding the authenticity of the evidence and rejected all speculations regarding the video or audio being an impersonation. This she said automatically makes the evidence admissible in the court of law as the subject in the video was attesting its credibility.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the former information minister said that the allegations regarding PML-N threatening and pressurising Arshad Malik are preposterous because they raise the question as to why did Arshad not report those alleged threats and bribery offers to the court? Was the judge waiting for the release of this video to share these allegations?, she questioned.

“These allegations constituted direct contempt of court, which was a serious offence, and if the judge was so committed to supremacy of law, why did he derelict from his basic duty. If he was being pressured why did he not report it to the monitoring judge,” she asked. “He used to see Nawaz and Maryam in court why did he not take that opportunity.”

This statement by Arshad Malik she said had made the entire judicial process even more controversial. She pleaded that the judiciary must take notice of this matter.

She advised that Arshad Malik should have at least read the statement that was given to him, before signing it because he did not even see that it did not mention Maryam Nawaz’s legal name. This, she said, showed that the statement was dictated to Arshad Malik and were not his own words.

Marriyum said that Arshad Malik’s statement had further strengthened the veracity of the proof presented by PML-N.

The PML-N central leader said that this is a matter of a three-time prime minister and his daughter’s rights, the Chief Justice of Pakistan should run an independent forensic investigation of the unedited video.

Marriyum maintained that PML-N has said that the judge was a victim in all this and after Sunday’s dictated statement the party is of the view that Arshad Malik was a victim in this entire phenomenon. She said that had that blackmail video been released on Sunday it would have been the only proof that the statement was actual words of the accountability judge.

She said that Arshad Malik admitted his close affiliation with Nasir Butt which coupled with him driving Butt to his house completely negated the allegations of pressure by PML-N. If one is under threats, they don’t dictate points against their own judgement, she said.

The judge clearly stated in the video why he had to give two different verdicts, the CJP must take notice of all this so that justice could be dispensed, she appealed.