LAHORE - Spokesperson for Punjab Chief Minister Dr Shehbaz Gill Sunday said that Maryam Safdar should quit politics following the categorical denial by the accountability judge about his alleged video.  “The drop scene of Maryam’s press conference took place within a day. The PML-N leaders should be ashamed of themselves after denial by the accountability judge,” he said in his video message posted on twitter.

Gill said it was regrettable that PML-N leaders were still using the old tactics in politics and pressurising the honourable judges was a manifestation of it. “Their politics is based on lies. They kept the nation hostage for two hours yesterday,” he said, adding that the show of Maryam Nawaz’s emotional speech had flopped now.

“Maryam Safdar should quit politics now as her politics would ruin the PML-N,” he said. Gill also criticized the PML-N leadership for blaming the national institutions.