ISLAMABAD-Islamabad Capital Territory administration received over 1400 applications from city dwellers for inclusion in volunteer task force.

The initiative was started to enhance liaison between the district administration and the residents of the federal capital seeking their support to offer better community service.

A senior official of the ICTA said that over 30 applicants were shortlisted for the constitution of steering committee to provide guidelines to the task force members besides suggesting initiatives which could be undertaken. The selection of the committee members would be based on their qualification, experience, availability, skills and profession to meet day to day affairs of the force, he added.

Highlighting their tasks, he said, the force members would take part in electronic media shows, debates and discussions regarding public interests.

The members would be tasked with responsibility of engaging community through public relations and social networking as well as to mobilize the students in academic institutions, would also be made their responsibility, the official remarked.

The proposed areas for the working of volunteers was parks and recreation, youth and social services, education, environment/recycling, community and economic development, public health, safety and many others, he maintained.