Rawalpindi-The ‘no helmet, no fuel’ initiative, introduced by Rawalpindi district administration in the recent past to curtail the number of causalities on roads, is being openly violated by various petrol pumps, particularly those operating in outskirts of the city.

The initiative was taken by the administration following directives from the Lahore High Court to ensure wearing of helmets for the bikers.

On the directives of the court, the administration issued a letter imposing complete ban on provision of fuel to those bikers violating the rule.

On a few pumps where it is strictly implemented, the bikers in a deceptive move borrow a helmet just to get their vehicle’s tank filled and when the job is done, their riding on road starts sans safety helmets.

City Traffic Police (CTP) spokesman said that the CTP were determined to follow the guidelines issued by the administration and they were trying to deal with such complaints.

He said that the CTP had accelerated ‘helmet wearing campaign’ to make motorbike riders aware about road safety and to encourage them to follow traffic rules.

Chief Traffic Officer Rawalpindi Bin Ashraf had urged the bikers to use helmets to avoid fatal accidents.

The traffic wardens were imposing fines on bikers sans helmets besides impounding their motorbikes, as wearing a helmet could save a driver’s life in case of an accident, he said adding that the purpose of this campaign was to ensure the safety of motorcyclists and prevent any road mishap by educating them about a safe road environment.

He said that the motorcyclists had been directed to get repaired out of order head lights, indicators and other equipment of bikes, adding that the bikers being caught driving faulty bikes were being imposed fines.

However, he said that fine tickets were issued not as a punitive measure but to make the citizens more law-abiding and to ensure safety of road users.

He said that during the ongoing awareness campaign, thousands of road users had been educated to follow traffic rules which will help in minimising the road accidents’ ratio.