Islamabad-The representatives of civil society on Sunday sought a central regulatory body to address the issues of rural skilled women and settlement of their wages matters.

According to them, the poor skilled women sent their work to urban markets to earn for their families but due to absence of a regulatory system they had to face discrimination and low wages despite heavy work load. Unfortunately, owners of shopping centres displayed their beautiful handmade embroideries, jewellery and other items collected huge money but these skilled women received meagre amount for their work, Aima Alam, head of a civil society organisation said.

She added that even their work was displayed at different exhibitions inside and outside the country to show as local culture but they could not get any financial benefit of all such practices. Sometimes, they face challenges in finding access to appropriate market or getting reasonable money of their work, she said. Zeenat Khatoon, a rural women, said, “I need proper earning for my dependents through my art work but I always failed to get appropriate amount from those who purchased my handmade things.” She said that there should be a regulatory body to address these issues for further promotion of their work besides creating more opportunities for them.

other rural women to start their work.

Robina from Dua welfare organization said that they were not being paid enough of their work in market despite their hard work, which she termed a discouraging attitude. She said that these challenges could be addressed by commercialising the work of rural skilled women and fixing a minimum wages for them besides providing skill training. She said that the art of rural women was real asset of a country’s culture but they have been facing hurdles for getting money of their work.

She asked the authorities concerned to create more work opportunities for them enabling them to get wages according to their skills.